Promoting Tourism with VR! Unveiling the Untapped Benefits of Virtual Tours through Tokyo’s “PoC Ground Tokyo” Proof of Concept project

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SeiRogai, Inc. participated in the online reporting session for the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Startup Social Implementation Promotion Project (PoC Ground Tokyo)” held on March 13, 2024. PoC Ground Tokyo is an initiative by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that supports Proof of Concept (PoC) projects of startups aiming at social transformation. SeiRogai was proudly selected for the first phase of the 2023 fiscal year of the initiative.

At the reporting session, COO Rachel Leng took the stage to discuss the results of Seirogai’s “Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour” produced in collaboration with Tama City, as well as significant findings from on-site market research. The event hosted active exchange of view from government officials and representatives from various startups participants.

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Proof of Concept (PoC) project Conducted in collaboration with Tama City: “Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour”

SeiRogai conducted a monitor event for the “Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour” on March 8, 2024.

Participants were invited to experience a selection of VR tours and provide detailed feedback on their preferences of tours, as well as how their impressions of Tama City shifted before and after participating. Invaluable feedback from this monitor event helped us enhance the appeal and effectiveness of our VR offerings, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for future users.

SeiRogai production crew at work

SeiRogai VR tour production crew filming in the center of Tama City

After experiencing the virtual tour, 95% of participants reported a heightened interest in Tama City and increased desire to visit the area. Post-event feedback also suggested a “strong interest in an e-commerce platform linked to the virtual tour”. Specifically, participants expressed excitement for being able to “buy local products and book nearby hotels and tourist activities directly” through the virtual tour experience. This feedback envisioned the high potential to expanding the SeiRogai’s VR tour platform into a comprehensive travel planning tool.

Read official press release here (Only available in Japanese): https://presswalker.jp/press/44638

Strengths of SeiRogai’s Virtual Tour Revealed through the PoC project

■Why the Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour Boosted Travel Intentions

The “Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour” guides participants on a journey through the city’s urban development evolution. Starting at the historical Jomon Village archaeological site, the tour takes viewers through the rich history and transformation leading up to the modern residential areas of Tama New Town. Overall, this immersive experience beautifully showcases the blend of ancient heritage and contemporary living in Tama City.

Samuel Yuen Rachel Leng

CEO Samuel Yuen and COO Rachel Leng meeting during filming

The tour immerses users in the rich history and culture of Tama City, enhanced by compelling storytelling that vividly brings its appeal to life. The tour not only features well-known tourist spots but also includes lesser-known local sites, capturing unique regional characteristics that further engage users’ interests.

■Using VR for Pre-travel Marketing to Inbound Tourists

The PoC project undoubtedly showcased the distinctive attributes of SeiRogai’s virtual tours. 95% of participants expressed a “higher desire to visit the region” after experiencing the virtual tour, highlighting the potential significant impact of using virtual tours for pre-travel marketing.

Furthermore, engaging potential travelers through VR during their travel planning phase not only enhances anticipation but also connects to purchasing behaviors during and after the trip. Experiencing SeiRogai’s virtual tours sparked great interest, with 95% of participants “seeking more information about the region”. They also expressed a strong desire for direct access to e-commerce platform, allowing them to purchase local souvenirs and specialty products.

These insights underscore the importance of integrating e-commerce features into the tourism DX platform operated by SeiRogai, Global Virtual Travel. This platform allows for consistent marketing to inbound tourists well before their trips, and the addition of e-commerce features will contribute to regional tourism and stimulate local economies.

Global Virtual Travel Potential

SeiRogai Global Virtual Travel Web

Global Virtual Travel Homepage

The “Global Virtual Travel” platform aggregates SeiRogai’s virtual tours, allowing users to virtually visit multiple locations through VR. Global Virtual Travel serves as the ultimate platform for everyone around the world to uncover Japan’s hidden gems. Offering immersive storytelling and educational tours, the VR tours featured on GVT provides an immersive virtual experience unmatched by conventional video tours.

Furthermore, this platform is planned to integrate e-commerce functionalities, allowing users worldwide not only to experience our virtual tours but also to purchase travel products, make reservations, and acquire local specialties and souvenirs. Through VR content, the platform effectively boosts the travel intentions of inbound tourists and prominently showcases local products. This comprehensive approach opens up new revenue streams for local businesses, enhancing their offerings and expanding their reach.

Global Virtual Travel is rapidly expanding with the support of PoC Ground Tokyo, extending its reach beyond Tokyo to encompass all of Japan and aiming to expand service into other countries worldwide. The platform offers engaging and educational VR content, keeping users captivated while seamlessly connecting virtual tours to e-commerce. This approach not only enhances user engagement but also fosters direct connections to the local economy.

SeiRogai’s Global Virtual Travel tour series spanning several locations is a gateway to immersion via storytelling and educational enrichment. Through captivating virtual experiences impossible to replicate with traditional video tours, we support regional revitalization by highlighting the beauty and appeals of various tourist spots and local products in Japan to the world.

Fuchu City VR360 Virtual Tour

Rachel Leng in Fuchu

The “Fuchu City VR360 Virtual Tour” allows users to explore Tokyo’s Fuchu City from the comfort of their homes. Featuring the prominent Okunitama Shrine, the tour highlights the city’s rich history and culture. Upon its completion, the Mayor of Fuchu highly commended the tour for its quality and immersive experience.

Zojoji Temple VR360 Virtual Tour

SeiRogai Zojoji Virtual Tour banner

The “Zojoji Temple VR360 Virtual Tour” was developed in collaboration with Zojoji Temple and offers exclusive access to typically restricted areas like the second floor of the Sanmon Gate and private religious ceremonies. With long-term renovation plans set for the Sanmon Gate, this virtual tour possibly represents the sole opportunity to witness the Gate in its current state before renovations. The release of this tour drew significant attention, garnering 29 million page views within just three days.

Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama (Ainokura & Suganuma)

Nanto City gassho-zukuri villages Virtual Tour

Lastly, the “Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour in Gokayama (Ainokura & Suganuma)” is SeiRogai’s newest virtual tour. Created with the cooperation of Toyama Prefecture’s Nanto City, the tour centers on the gassho-zukuri (thatched-roof) villages of Ainokura and Suganuma. This virtual journey invites users to experience the UNESCO World Heritage-listed gassho-zukuri architecture, a realm where time stands still. The roughly seven-minute VR360 video is designed in a documentary style, offering viewers a picturesque glimpse into Japan’s rich heritage, steeped in history and tradition.

Unprecedented Boom in Inbound Tourism

As the pandemic eases in 2024, the drive to attract inbound tourists has intensified like never before. Inbound tourism expenditure has surpassed previous records, reaching over five trillion yen, highlighting the importance of standing out to international travelers.

While various tourist destinations are ramping up their efforts to attract visitors, the reality is that people living abroad have limited access to information about Japan. Addressing this barrier, virtual tours offer a solution by allowing travelers to experience the charms that are difficult to convey through standard videos and photos. Thus, VR tourism videos that allow potential visitors to familiarize themselves with a region beforehand provide a significant advantage.

Tourism DX platforms like Global Virtual Travel deliver consistent solutions to meet these needs. The “Tama City VR360 Virtual Tour” is also set to be released within 2024. 

By signing up for FREE anyone can easily use the platform. We encourage you to take advantage of Global Virtual Travel and experience the beauty of Japan from the comfort of your own home.

About SeiRogai, Inc.

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SeiRogai is a Tokyo-based startup specializing in media production, advertising, branding, media technology, and business consultancy. Renowned for its diverse one-stop media production services, the company also offers strategic consulting services to businesses of all sizes. The team at SeiRogai, comprising seasoned experts from various industries, provides clients with a comprehensive perspective on their unique needs.

SeiRogai was selected as one of the top 15 companies among Tokyo’s selection of “Next Unicorn” startups by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The firm continues to lead in media technology solutions with innovative ventures like SeiRogaiTV and Global Virtual Travel to redefine the landscape of immersive experiences.

Company Profile

Company Name: SeiRogai, Inc.

Head office: Roppongi Denki Building 5F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0032

Representative Directors: Samuel Yuen, Rachel Leng

Establishment: 2019

Website: www.seirogai.com

Business Activities:

  1. Media production services (including VR 360° technology)
  2. Marketing, advertising, PR, branding (including marketing planning/strategy formulation, brand development, image planning, product design, etc.)
  3. Online distribution services for TV programs and movies
  4. Overseas expansion support services (specialized services including market research, overseas expansion strategy/overseas market development support, startup support, etc.)
  5. Development, construction, and provision of VR distribution systems and DX digital platforms

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