Samuel Yuen

CEO & Founder

International Film Producer and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry expertise spanning artist management, global advertising, marketing, cross-border deal sourcing & closing, and real estate.

Samuel Yuen directs the company's vision and serves as creative producer, production manager, and financier. Drawing on his multicultural experience and contacts in the entertainment industry, he specializes in TV programs, TVC advertisements, documentaries and other media projects. Samuel's extensive experience includes working with partners to produce TVC's for top brands such as Sony, Canon, Honda, Thai Airways, Unilever, Carrefour, KFC, Nestlé, and many others. To date, these TVCs have been distributed across Asia including Thailand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Pakistan. For more than a decade previously, Samuel founded and led SKYE Company, Ltd., a boutique management agency for Thai performing artists and actors. Maintaining close ties to Thailand, he actively serves as General Secretary to a former Senator and member of Thailand's Royal Family.

Samuel is a graduate of the Producing School at New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Assumption University in Thailand. Raised in Sydney, Australia, he is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, and is currently learning Japanese.

Rachel Leng

COO & Co-Founder

Award-Winning East Asia Expert and Businesswoman experienced in finance, investments, international business development, multicultural perspectives, public policy, media, market research & writing.

Rachel Leng executes the company’s strategic and business operations. Previously, she led Business Development on the Investment Management team at a Japanese fund investing in healthcare and tech SMEs and was Policy Analyst in Seoul, South Korea at a top policy think tank. She is a global speaker, writer, former Miss Singapore titleholder, and East Asia expert graduated with double highest honors from Duke University (B.A.) and Harvard University (M.A.). Rachel has been internationally profiled by over 50 global media on topics including cross-border business & leadership, cultural perspectives and global careers, as well as beauty, travel, and wellness. Rachel is also active as a business mentor and advisor for various startups and entrepreneurship programs. She has been commemorated as the 2017 Best Mentor of the Year by the Human Resource Development Service of the Government of South Korea (K-Move).

Rachel speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and some Korean and is currently learning Thai. Her personal website and English-Japanese bilingual blog is ranked in the Top Japan Blogs and News Websites.