SeiRogai Introduces Its Latest VR360 Virtual Tour: Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture!

Gokayama Gassho Zukuri SeiRogai Virtual Tour Nanto City

The “Nanto City VR Tour” project proudly carries the certification from the Digital Garden City Nation Initiative Grant, commonly referred to as the Digiden Grant. This marks our third venture into the world of virtual tours, building upon the success of the “Fuchu City VR 360 Virtual Tour” in collaboration with Fuchu City, Tokyo, and the “Zojoji VR 360 Virtual Tour” in partnership with Zojoji Temple in Minato Ward —but what truly sets this accomplishment apart is that it marks our first ‘Digital Garden City Nation’ Grant certified project.

Gokayama Gassho Zukuri
Goyakama area: registered World Cultural Heritage site located in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture.

Get Ready for an Extraordinary Adventure: The Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour Production is Underway

Our upcoming project promises to be an immersive virtual tour like no other, offering not only the highest quality video, but also the exciting potential for hands-on experiences and engaging interactions.

Video production is slated for completion in 2023, with the grand release scheduled for 2024. But first, read on and learn more about the setting for this amazing virtual experience.

Discover Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture

Nanto City boasts a lush natural environment that covers roughly 80% of its land. However, the region faced a challenge—declining birthrates, an aging population, and dwindling numbers resulted in limited awareness of its extraordinary allure and few chances for interaction with its local communities.

SeiRogai, armed with cutting-edge VR technology, has embarked on a mission to change this narrative. Through our immersive VR 360 virtual tour, we’re set to unveil the hidden treasures of Nanto City, spanning its bountiful nature, time-honored traditions, vibrant culture, and rich history, both on a national and global scale.

To create this virtual tour, our production team visited the Gokayama area in Nanto City and shared experiences with the locals, conducting interviews while gaining in-depth knowledge about this area’s main attractions.

Nanto City Gokayama Suganuma SeiRogai Virtual Tour
From left to right: Chief of the Nanto City Hall Exchange Tourism Community Development Division Section, Mr. Egawa; SeiRogai’s COO, Rachel Leng; President of the Suganuma Preservation Association, Mr. Nishi; and SeiRogai’s CEO, Samuel Yuen.

With this exciting Nanto City VR tour, SeiRogai aims to contribute to the city’s regional revitalization efforts by providing a top-of-the-notch audiovisual experience that delves into the historical and cultural significance of the region.

The Nanto City VR360 tour gives a unique opportunity to experience this region’s treasures, nature and culture! The tour focuses on the charms of the Gokayama district, located southwest of Toyama Prefecture, within Nanto City, an area well-known for its beautiful nature and traditional villages.

Samuel Yuen SeiRogai Suganuma Nanto City VR Tour
Mr. Nishi, head of the Suganuma Preservation Association, experiences the Nanto City VR360 Tour with SeiRogai’s CEO Samuel Yuen.

Gokayama’s gassho-zukuri villages continue to preserve Japan’s traditional rural landscape, and are highly valued for their historical and cultural value. In 1995, Gokayama’s gassho-zukuri style farmhouses —most being built around 100-200 years ago, with some surpassing over 300 years in age— were recognized for their cultural and historical significance by the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Gassho Zukuri Gokayama Nanto City VR Tour
Gassho-zukuri style house in Gokayama, Nanto City.

Unlocking the Power of Virtual Tours: How SeiRogai is Contributing to Making a Difference Locally

Here at SeiRogai, we’ve harnessed the potential of virtual tour production to address and resolve local issues, offering a unique blend of four key characteristics that set us apart.

1. Narrative and Educational value:

SeiRogai’s virtual tours are crafted using the latest VR tour technology and are characterized by their storytelling and educational nature. Our immersive virtual tours are designed to not only showcase local landscapes but also breathe life into the region’s history and culture. A distinctive feature of SeiRogai’s VR tours is their ability to transport you into the heart of a community, allowing you to live and breathe its culture through a truly immersive experience.

Furthermore, our unique global perspective allows us to approach projects from both a local and a global view. This dual lens enables us to craft compelling and fascinating narratives when promoting the charms of Japan. By developing content that aligns with international perspectives and a deep understanding of foreign markets, we effectively captivate both local and foreign audiences in Japan.

At SeiRogai, we’re on a mission to tackle Japan’s pressing issues head-on, and we’re doing it with the power of VR technology. Through immersive VR experiences, we’re pioneering the introduction of DX (Digital Transformation) tourism to new and diverse audiences, reaching previously untapped segments.

Our vision is clear: to provide inbound tourists with a deeper and richer understanding of Japan’s culture and its myriad tourist attractions. By doing so, we’re not just aiming to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan; we’re also paving the way for a surge in interactions with our target regions.

2. Promoting SDGs Initiatives

UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SeiRogai is fully committed to the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we’re working to make an impact in several key areas:

  • Goal 4: Quality Education

SeiRogai’s ethos is delivering top-tier education to everyone through our highly engaging virtual tours. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we’re breaking down barriers and providing enriching learning experiences without boundaries. To top it all, our VR tours serve as a digital archive, preserving invaluable historical and cultural information.

  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

In pursuit of local economic revitalization, we’re using VR tours and our innovative DX tourism platform to transform communities. In alliance with our partners, we’re working to ensure sustainable economic growth that is friendly to the environment and respects the rights of working people. Our patent-pending tourism DX platform integrates e-commerce functionalities, allowing users worldwide not only to experience our virtual tours but also to purchase travel products, make reservations, and acquire local specialties and souvenirs. This comprehensive approach opens up new revenue streams for local businesses, enhancing their offerings and expanding their reach.

  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

SeiRogai, Inc. is on a mission to make virtual travel accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints, age, or physical abilities. Our VR-based virtual tours make the beauty of Japan’s sightseeing spots accessible to everyone. On this mission, we’re working to create a world where mobility challenges no longer limit the elderly or those with disabilities from experiencing the joy of travel.

A ‘Digital Garden City Nation’ Grant Certified Project

Digital Garden City Nation Initiative Grant Digiden
Achievement report regarding additional points for startup utilization under the Digital Garden City Nation Initiative Grant.

In 2022, SeiRogai, Inc. was selected as a ‘Digital Garden City Nation (Digiden)’ partner in the promotion of local digital transformation efforts. As a startup that provides VR tour production services and DX tourism platform construction assistance, we are thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to digital transformation.

By earning this acknowledgment, SeiRogai is empowered to harness these resources for its visionary pursuits in virtual tour production and DX platform construction. As a result, the ‘Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour’ we’re presently undertaking is a remarkable project certified by the Digiden Grant.

SeiRogai’s contribution to the project is bound to make a substantial impact on Nanto City’s local activities. Our joint vision extends beyond simply creating virtual tours set in Nanto City. We’re establishing a dedicated Nanto City page on our DX tourism platform, Global Virtual Travel, with a strategic aim to invigorate the local economy.

In this manner, SeiRogai is much more than just a producer of virtual tours that convey the allure of a region. We are in the business of crafting a DX tourism platform that seamlessly guides individuals with an interest in the region toward acquiring locally sourced products and making their travel reservations all in one place.

SeiRogai is pioneering in the VR industry, redefining the approach of tourism and commerce. Our unique service is defined by its remarkable ability to simultaneously attract, market, and facilitate actual purchases through the creation of virtual tours, fueled by the latest VR technology, and our patent-pending tourism DX platform.

Learn more about our recent projects: Collaborative Successes with Local Governments

Lastly, we would like to share a glimpse of parallel projects that SeiRogai, Inc. has been collaborating on with various local governments.

SeiRogai has been selected as a partner by multiple local governments for the purpose of rediscovering the charms of their respective regions. In recent projects, we partnered with Fuchu City in Tokyo to produce the ‘Fuchu City VR360 Virtual Tour’, showcasing captivating aspects of Fuchu City, with a special focus on the Okunitama Shrine. This virtual tour made waves, amassing a remarkable 3 million views in just one week.

In addition, our partnership with Minato Ward’s Zojoji Temple led to the creation of the ‘Zojoji VR360 Virtual Tour’. This immersive experience not only explored the temple’s public spaces but also delved into areas that are typically off-limits, including the upper levels of the Sangedatsumon Gate and private rituals. Exceedingly, this virtual tour garnered a staggering 29 million page views within a mere three days of its press release.

SeiRogai’s achievements in driving collaborative projects with various local governments were a pivotal factor in the certification and launch of the “Nanto City VR360 Virtual Tour.” The Digiden Grant provides funding to projects that have previously demonstrated a successful track record in collaborative ventures with local governments.

SeiRogai is committed to making a positive impact on regional revitalization, supporting Nanto City’s promotional efforts, and contributing to solving local challenges. Our aim extends beyond Nanto City, as we aspire to expand our footprint across Japan, aiding in the revitalization of regions nationwide.

If you’re interested in driving economic revitalization and addressing local challenges, we invite you to connect with us. We’re here to collaborate and make a difference together.

SeiRogai, Inc.: Your Trusted One-Stop Shop for VR Production and Distribution Services

Global Virtual Travel
Global Virtual Travel’s landing page.

Our VR tours can be experienced in SeiRogai’s proprietary cutting-edge DX tourism platform Global Virtual Travel. Our unique platform is not just a destination for experiencing immersive VR tour videos, it’s a comprehensive hub that seamlessly connects your wanderlust with an interactive and engaging experience.

With Global Virtual Travel, you can embark on virtual tours while also gaining access to online shopping sites brimming with local treasures and travel reservation platforms for your next adventure. Global Virtual Travel bridges the gap between travel interests and real-world actions, offering the user a complete travel solution.

To experience this new way of traveling, VR goggles are not mandatory. Whether you’re using your smartphone or PC, the magic of our virtual tours is just a click away. This makes Global Virtual Travel accessible to an even broader audience.

Global Virtual Travel is our exclusive platform currently pending patent status. Sign up for free and experience a new way of traveling!

Leave Your Virtual Tour Creation to SeiRogai!


When it comes to crafting virtual tours that stand out from the crowd, SeiRogai is your trusted partner. Our virtual tours focus on the art of documentary filmmaking and a cinematic approach, placing a strong emphasis on storytelling and educational value. This unique approach sets our virtual tours apart, making them a captivating experience like no other.

With the support of the Digiden Grant in our projects, we collaborate in promoting digitalization in local communities and contributing to regional revitalization. The virtual tours and DX tourism platforms developed by SeiRogai perfectly align with this mission, and we can harness the Digital Garden City Nation initiative to bring our vision to life.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of leveraging virtual tours for local information dissemination and building DX platforms, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to guide you through endless possibilities.

Contact us, and let’s embark on an exciting journey together!

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